Alumitech Products

Hinged insulated system SMARTIA S67

SMARTIA S67 is the new complete Tilt & Turn system of ALUMIL, which combines outstanding thermal insulation performances along with high construction flexibility and exceptional design.

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Hinged insulated system SMARTIA S77

The system SMARTIA S77 is ALUMIL’s proposal for advanced insulating casements, which meet the high standards of all advanced markets and incorporate a modern design. It is the ideal solution for projects that require high performance and maximum security.

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SMARTIA M19800 Insulated Folding Doors

SMARTIA M19800 is an insulated folding door system with top-hung operation and suitable for normal and large constructions. It offers sturdy and elegant solutions applied to middle and high-end projects, such as luxury residences, office buildings, conference centers, hotels, restaurants and many other.

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SMARTIA M35 a curtain wall system for maximum transparency

SMARTIA M35 is a “value for money” curtain wall system which ideally combines aestetics and high performances.

Its minimal design offering reduced sightline, compared to other typicall Curtain Wall Systems, at 35mm, renders SMARTIA M35 ideal for Transparent Architecture.

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SMARTIA Barcode Cladding

SMARTIA M7000 Barcode Cladding is the ideal series for modern wall-cladding constructions, applied both at exterior and interior and upgrading overall aesthetics and energy levels. Undoubtedly, this is an astonishingly useful tool for architects to design impressive constructions and cover, in a unique style, large surfaces of commercial & office buildings, modern residences, etc.

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SMARTIA PG115P Ithaca Pergola with motorized louvers

A pergola system that is ideal for single, medium-sized pergola constructions, which convert an outdoor space into a place of comfortable living experience. Its specially designed rotating louvers offer adjustable sun-shading, regulated brightness, controlled natural ventilation and total protection against harsh weather conditions.

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