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Alumitech Systems was established through the professional relationships that were nurtured between prominent industry visionaries from the US and Greece. Our US Team has decades of experience and vast knowledge of window and door design and application, importing, and installation. Alumitech Systems connects the wants and needs of the US customer through the international sales cycle process that leads to the skilled European artisans who are dedicated to crafting top-tier architectural aluminum windows, doors and curtain wall products.

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More questions on Alumil products, specifications, or applications?

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Yes. Depending on the thermal requirements that are required for your project, Alumitech can provide Alumil products with U values as low as .14 which will far exceed any design requirement for NYC Building Codes. Lower thermal performance for doors and windows will offer more options for the designer to achieve their overall thermal goals relating to LL97 requirements for reduction of carbon emissions as well as lower U values required for Passive House Standards.

Yes. Double and triple glazing is available on all Alumil thermally broken products with many glass options to meet the needs of any design requirement.

Yes. Many glazing packages and glass options are available to meet the most stringent OITC and STC sound requirements.

Yes. Custom details that require custom dies to accommodate specific job conditions and details are available and will be coordinated with the fabricator and engineering team during the design and estimating process.

Yes. The staff at Alumitech can assist with the selection of all Alumil products once the design requirements for the job have been discussed and offered to the Alumitech team.

Yes. Alumitech can assist with questions on setting conditions and installation of Alumil products relating to the best installation practices for the product and the application and help coordinate all phases of the installation from start to finish.